Our aim for hillclimbing.org is for the site to be a valuable resource for competitors and all those interested in the sport of speed hillclimbing. By providing a comprehensive and up-to-date source of all hill records, hillclimbing.org enables easy access to the fastest times for all classes at the UK’s wonderful hillclimb venues.  


Achieving a class record at one of the country’s hillclimb venues is not easy. It requires significant effort in terms of car preparation, as well as considerable skill as a driver. Whilst an outright hill record is the ultimate achievement, every class record should be recognised and celebrated.... hillclimbing.org aims to recognise the endeavours of all record holders. 


We have created hillclimbing.org with a fresh and modern feel. In doing so, we hope that it helps to broaden the appeal of this exciting sport and enable the sport to grow with new partnerships.


We would like to thank Insite Graphics for their ongoing support in launching this resource and our two launch partners, Autolusso (www.autolusso.co.ukand Team Legacy (www.teamlegacyuk.co.uk).

We sincerely hope you find this site useful, will spread the word and return to us for news, offers and forthcoming merchandise.