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June 2021


New outright record at Loton Park

Congratulations to Sean Gould on breaking the outright hill record at Loton Park today (13.06.2021). In his Gould GR59J, Sean won the day's second run-off with an amazing ascent of 43.18 seconds, thereby surpassing his own hill record set in 2019.

Six new records at Harewood and two new records at Wiscombe Park

Three class records were broken on Saturday 5 June at Harewood’s annual Classic and Vintage Hillclimb. The Class 39 (Jaguar Drivers Club) record was smashed by Haydn Spedding in his Jaguar E Type with a time of 65.81 seconds, beating the previous record by more than 3 seconds. In Class V2 (Standard & Modified Sports and Saloons 751-1100cc unsupercharged and up to 750cc supercharged) Ian Standing beat his own record, setting a new benchmark of 78.64 seconds in his Riley Brooklands. And in Class V5 (Standard & Modified Sports and Saloons 2001-3000cc unsupercharged and 1501-2000cc supercharged) a new record of 82.47 seconds was achieved by Paul Wignall and his Alvis Silver Eagle, beating the long-standing previous record set back in 2009.

Then another three Harewood class records were broken on Sunday 6 June during the Jim Thomson Hillclimb. In Class 1A (Road-going Modified Saloon & Sports Cars up to 1400cc) Mark Teale improved further on his own record, lowering the class record in his Suzuki Swift GTi to 65.93 seconds. Likewise, in Class 1B (Road-going Modified Saloon & Sports Cars 1401-2000cc), Adam Riley bettered his own record in his Honda S2000 with a fastest run of 62.96 seconds. Finally, Philip House in his Aston Martin ended the day with a new record time of 65.06 seconds in Class 33 (Aston Martin Owners Club Speed Series).

Meanwhile at Wiscombe Park, Stephen Wareham lowered his own Class A1 (Road Production up to 1400cc) record to 45.87 seconds in his rapid Morris Mini on Saturday 5 June. On the same day, Rodney Eyles in an Alfa Romeo 4C beat his own Class A3 (Road Production 1801-2600cc) record with a time of 42.67 seconds, and then lowered this even further the following day, leaving the A3 class record at 42.50 seconds.

Well done to all eight drivers!

May 2021

New outright hill record at Gurston Down!

Congratulations to Wallace Menzies for breaking the outright hill record at Gurston Down on Sunday 30 May. In his Gould GR59-M, Wallace set a time of 25.34 seconds to win the first of the day's run-offs, thereby surpassing the previous record of 25.37 seconds set by Scott Moran in 2014. To cap a perfect day, the reigning British Hillclimb Champion also won the second run-off later in the afternoon.

Record-breaking action at Bouley Bay
Paul Vibert smashed the Bouley Bay record for Class 200 (Rally Cars up to 1400cc) at the event on 9 May. In his Ford Escort 1300GT, Paul broke the class record on every competition run, ending the day with a final run of 53.08 seconds, more than 5 seconds quicker than the previous record.
At the same meeting, Max Jeanne and his Tony Kart broke the record for Class 300 (Karts 125cc Max Senior Controlled), lowering the record to a very rapid 45.18 seconds.
The event also saw Jonathan Queree in his Renault 5 GT Turbo establish a record of 55.59 seconds for Class 264 (Modified Limited Production Sports Cars Unlimited).
Well done to Paul, Max and Jonathan.


Four new records at Harewood
Following a wet event on Saturday, the weather improved for Sunday’s hillclimb at Harewood (09.05.2021), enabling some fast runs and four class records.
In Class 1A (Road-Going Modified Saloon & Sports Cars up to 1400cc) Mark Teale and his Suzuki Swift GTi beat the previous record with a very impressive time of 66.65 seconds. Similarly, in Class 1B (Road-Going Modified Saloon & Sports Cars 1401 to 2000cc) Adam Riley set an equally impressive new record of 63.45 seconds in his Honda S2000 on his final run of the day.
In Class 5D (Racing Cars 1601 to 2000cc) Richard Spedding beat his own record with a rapid 50.58 seconds run in his GWR Raptor 2. And in 5E (Racing Cars over 2000cc) the 2019 BHC Champion Wallace Menzies lowered the class record on all three of his timed runs in his Gould GR59, with 49.22 seconds, then 49.12 seconds and finally 49.03 seconds. Another Gould GR59 in the hands of Sean Gould also ran under Scott Moran’s previous long-held class record, which had been set back in 2009.
Huge congratulations to Mark, Adam, Richard and Wallace on their new Harewood class records.

Phil Montgomery-Smith breaks Werrington Park record

Congratulations to Phil Montgomery-Smith for setting a new outright hill record at Werrington Park on Sunday (02.05.2021). Driving his OMS 2000M, Phil recorded a stunning time of 32.59 seconds on his final run of the weekend, thereby smashing the previous hill record.
Please note that at present 
includes class records for the 11 UK hillclimb courses that host rounds of the BHC currently. However, with the support of the relevant organising clubs, we hope to include the records for other hillclimb venues in the future.

April 2021

Class A1 record is beaten at Wiscombe Park.... at last!

Stephen Wareham broke one of the longest standing class records in the country on Saturday (24.04.2021), when he raced up Wiscombe Park in his Morris Mini in a time of 46.11 seconds, surpassing the previous record for Class A1 (Road Cars Series Production up to 1400cc). The previous mark was 46.27 seconds, set way back in 2002 by Andy Webb in his Suzuki Swift. Huge congratulations to Stephen on his achievement.

Congratulations to Gavin Neate and Damien Bradley for breaking class records at Harewood (11.04.2021)
Gavin set a new Class 3A record of 62.88 seconds in his rapid Peugeot 106. In so doing, he became the first driver in that class to go sub-63 seconds
In Class 3C, Damien and his Subaru Legacy GL beat the previous record by 0.12 seconds, and so his new class record is a very impressive 58.20 seconds

March 2021

Shelsley Walsh and Autocar launch Young Drivers Championship for 2021

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Photo Credit: Mike Stark