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Motorcycles up to 125cc

36.01 secs Joshua Lambourne  May 21

Motorcycles 126-250cc

Marc Maubec  34.16secs  August 2003

Andy Mechem  34.16secs  September 1996

Motorcycles 251-350cc

Owen Poynder  34.85secs  August 2021


Motorcycles 351-500cc

Oliver Holmes  32.87 secs  September 2017

Motorcyles 501-600cc

Oliver Holmes  33.19secs  August 2017

Motorcycles 600-750cc

Colin De Jersey  33.89secs  August 2013

British Bikes pre-1975

Pete Le Page  37.51 secs  Aug 2022



Harry Mann  37.82 secs  September 23

Quads Unlimited

Chris Law  31.36secs  May 2022

Karts senior gearbox 125cc

Adam Le Ray  30.73secs  July 2022

Karts senior gearbox 250cc single

Daniel Ridley  31.13secs  May 2015

Rotax senior max

Sam Heathcote  31.69secs  August 2021


Photo Credit: Racing with Insite Graphics

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