The class records listed on this page have been sourced from event results on the Resultsman website, but have not yet been verified by the organising club

Photo Credit: Capture Your Car Photography

19A Paul Matty Sports Cars Saloons & Sports Cars

Kelvin Lee  56.73secs  Lotus Seven  05.04.08

19B Paul Matty Sports Cars Sports Racing & Racing Cars

Dave Hampton  54.41secs  Lotus 69  09.09.12

20A Pre War Austin Seven Cars Road Race

Colin Danks  69.94secs  Austin 7 Sports Special  24.08.19


21A Morgan Cars up to 2000cc

Simon Ashby  61.80secs  Morgan 4/4  21.07.19


21B Morgan Cars over 2000cc

Craig Jones  55.69secs  Morgan Plus 8  20.07.97


22A TVR Cars


22B TVR Cars not complying with class 22A

Paul Edwards  58.40secs  TVR T350  12.09.09


23 Pirelli Ferrari Hillclimb Championship

Nick Taylor  58.28secs  Ferrari 430 Coupe  20.07.19


24 BOC Henneys Cider Classic Speed Championship

Richard Jones  52.17secs  Brabham BT29X  30.08.15


25.1 Lotus 7 Club Championship Class 1

Richard Abraham  61.80secs  Caterham 7  21.07.19


25.2 Lotus 7 Club Championship Class 2

Clive Marsden  60.48secs  Caterham 7  21.07.19

25.3 Lotus 7 Club Championship Class 3

Richard Price  57.43secs  Caterham 7  21.07.19

25.4 Lotus 7 Club Championship Class 4

Simon Rogers  53.44secs  Caterham Hayabusa  21.07.19


26 TR Register Cars

Hugh Maund  60.09secs  Triumph TR7  07.09.02


27 Westfield SCC Northampton Motorsport Speed Series

Adam Phelps  51.20secs  Westfield Megabusa  24.08.19


28 DEWS Downton Mini Championship

Martin Watts  54.81secs  Sylva Riot  20.07.19


30A Historic Rally Cars

[TBC]  56.20 secs  08.06.08

31 Aston Martin Cars

Tom Whitaker  60.91secs  Aston Martin Vantage GT4  27.08.17

MC1 Motor Cycles Solos up to 500cc

Glyn Poole  55.60secs  Honda CR  12.07.09


MC2 Motor Cycles Solos over 500cc

Tom Short  55.20secs  KTM  15.07.18


MC3 Motor Cycles Sidecars & Trikes

Ian Guy & Jed Pilmour Brady  58.62secs  Mistral Suzuki  16.07.17

MT1 Morgan 3 Wheelers - Racing

Hamish Bibby & Maggie Tuer  64.16secs  Jap 8 80  19.04.15


MT2 Morgan 3 Wheelers - Standard & Touring Modified

Roger Orford & Sally Smith  74.68secs  SS Matchless  31.07.04