8 Racing Cars up to 1100cc

Robert Kenrick  45.16secs  GWR Raptor  10.06.18

9A Formula Ford Racing Cars up to 1600cc Pre-94

Andrew Henson  56.98secs  Van Diemen FR91  24.09.17

9B Racing Cars 1101 to 1600cc

Jos Goodyear  44.75secs  GWR Raptor  10.06.12

10A Racing Cars 1601 to 2000cc normally aspirated

Johnathen Varley  46.58secs  GWR Predator  09.06.19

10B Racing Cars 1601 to 2000cc forced induction

Jos Goodyear  44.35secs  GWR Raptor  14.06.14


11 Racing Cars over 2000cc

TBC - Alex Summers  43.36secs  DJ Firestorm  27.09.20


12A Classic Saloons & Sports Cars up to 1971 inclusive

Kelvin Lee  56.20secs  Lotus Seven  08.06.08

12B Classic Sports Racing & Racing Cars up to 1971 

Richard Jones  51.64secs  Brabham BT29X  15.05.16

14 Classic Marques

Graham Beale  56.91secs  Ginetta G33  10.08.14


15 Austin Healey Club Speed Championship

Tom Walker  61.65secs  Austin Healey Sprite  10.07.11

16A MG Cars up to 2000cc

Andy Kitson  60.42secs  MG TF 160  12.07.08

Photo Credit: Capture Your Car Photography


1C Road Going Series Production Cars over 2000cc

Steven Darley  56.70secs  Subaru Impreza  25.09.17

1D Road Going Series Prod (Space-Framed/Non- Ferrous)

Ben Burggraaf  58.78secs  Lotus Elise S2  29.08.21

1E Road Going Series Production cars with 4WD

Rick Leddy  57.71secs  Audi TTRS  08.08.21


2 Road Going Specialist Production Cars

Darren Luke  52.57secs  Caterham Seven  10.06.12


3A Modified Series Production Cars up to 1400cc

Martin Depper  57.52secs  Rover Mini Cooper  15.08.10


3B Modified Series Production Cars 1401 to 2000cc

Paul Drowne  54.00secs  Peugeot 205  24.09.17


3C Modified Series Production Cars over 2000cc

Mike Turpin  53.52secs  Vauxhall VX220  29.09.13

3D Modified Series Production Cars with 4WD


4 Modified Specialist Production Cars

Andy Griffiths  50.43secs  Caterham Hayabusa  10.06.18


5 Sports Libre up to 2000cc & Hill Climb Super Sports Cars

Graham Wynn  48.11secs   Force LM01  19.09.13


7 Racing Cars up to 600cc

Bill Chaplin  52.13secs  Force Empire  09.08.09

The class records listed on this page have been sourced from event results on the Resultsman website, but have not yet been verified by the organising club