A1 Road Going Series Productions Cars up to 2000cc

TBC  46.44secs


A2 Road Going Series Production Cards over 2000cc

TBC  42.60secs


B Road Going Specialist Production Cars

TBC  42.34secs


C1 Modified Series Production Cars up to 1400cc

TBC  43.04secs


C2 Modified Series Production Cars 1401 to 2000cc

TBC  40.37secs


C3 Modified Series Production Cars over 2000cc

TBC  40.74


D Modified Specialist Production Cars

TBC  39.61secs


F Sports Libre up to 2000cc & Hill Climb Super Sports Cars

TBC  38.44


G Sports Libre over 2000cc

TBC  36.97secs

H Racing Cars up to 600cc

TBC  39.53secs

I Racing Cars 601 to 1100cc

TBC  36.19secs

J1 Formula Ford Racing Cars up to 1600cc

TBC  50.64secs

J2 Racing Cars 1101 to 1600cc

TBC  35.01secs

K1 Racing Cars 1601 to 2000cc (normally aspirated)

TBC  35.46secs

K2 Racing Cars 1601 to 2000cc (forced induction)

TBC  34.33secs

L Racing Cars over 2000cc

TBC  33.59secs

M Sports Racing & Racing Cars up to 1971 inclusive

TBC  46.55secs


N Sports Racing & Racing Cars from 1972 to 1985 inclusive


Photo Credit:  Nigel Cole