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A1 Road cars series production up to 1400cc

Les Grimshaw  43.09secs  06/05/2007

A2 Road cars series production 1400-1800cc

Steve Ellis  41.16secs  05/05/2013

A3 Road cars series production 1800-2600cc

Rod Eyles  39.64secs  02/05/2021

A4 Road cars series production over 2600cc

Jack Ellis  37.55secs  30/04/2022

B1Road cars specialist production up to 1400cc

Ian Ingleheart  41.41secs  03/05/2015

B2 Road cars specialist production 1400-1800cc

Ian Ingleheart  38.81secs  06/05/2018

B3 Road cars specialist production over 1800cc and m/c engs

Andrew Williams  37.34secs  05/05/2012

C1 Modified cars series production up to 1400cc

Mark Shillaber  39.76secs  04/05/2014

C2 Modified cars series production over 1400-1800cc

Dean Gammon  38.37secs  30/04/2016

C3 Modified cars series production over 1800cc

Paul Drowne  37.48secs  05/05/2013

C4 Modified cars specialist production


C6 Modified cars specialist production

Phil Montgomery-Smith  36.48secs  01/05/2011

Photo Credit: Howie Fowler

D1 Sports libre cars up to 1800cc

Ian Thomas  36.34secs  30/04/2006

D2 Sports libre cars over 1800cc

Doug Bennett  34.39secs  05/05/2013

D3 Rally cars

Steve Furzeland  38.37secs  02/05/2021

E1 Racing cars up to 1100cc

Ben Bonfield  34.74secs  02/05/2021

E2 Racing cars over 1100cc and up to 1600cc

Ben Wheeler  33.19secs  06/05/2018

E3  Racing cars over 1600cc and up to 2000cc

Phil Montgomery-Smith  32.59secs  02/05/2021

E4 Racing cars over 2000cc

Terry Graves  32.61secs  05/05/2013

G1 TR cars

Len Olds  43.65secs  30/04/2022

G2 Formula Ford cars

Keith Harris  40.07secs  04/05/2014

G3 Vintage cars

Simon Kelleway  49.30secs  02/05/2021

G4 Cars of the 500OA

Andrew Forsyth  49.23secs  05/05/2012

G5 Abarth cars

Peter Robinson  45.23secs  30/04/2016

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