Loton Park’s first meeting was held in 1960, with the venue being added to the British Hillclimb Championship calendar in 1963. The hill is regarded as one of the most demanding courses by competitors, with several challenging corners such as Triangle and Museum. It is also fast, with Cedar Straight seeing some of the highest speeds in UK hillclimbing. It takes a lot of talent and nerve to do well at Loton Park, and even more to achieve a class record.


Course length: 1349 metres (1475 yards)


Outright hill record: 43.18 seconds – Sean Gould, Gould GR59J, 13.06.2021


Address: Loton Park, Alberbury, Shrewsbury, SY5 9AH

Website: https://www.hdlcc.com


The class records for Loton Park listed on hillclimbing.org have been sourced from event results on the Resultsman website, but have not yet been verified by the organising club (a request has been submitted)

Photo Credit: Capture Your Car Photography