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2F Road-going Elise & other NF chassis over 1800cc

63.32 secs  Peter Vincent  Vauxhall VX220 17.09.2023

H Racing Cars up to 600cc

Mark Goodyear  56.71secs  OMS Hornet  04.07.2010


I Racing Cars 601 to 1100cc

Robert Kenrick  48.58secs  GWR Raptor 2  07.07.2019


J(i) Formula Ford 1600 Racing Cars

Rob Spedding  59.65secs  Vector TF93K  08.07.2018


J(ii) Racing Cars 1101 to 1600cc

Richard Spedding  48.59secs  GWR Raptor  08.07.2018


K(i) Racing Cars 1600 to 2000cc (normally aspirated)

Johnathen Varley  49.97secs  GWR Predator  03.07.2022


K(ii) Racing Cars 1600 to 2000cc (forced induction)

Richard Spedding  48.71secs  GWR Raptor 2  07.07.2019


L Racing Cars over 2000cc

Wallace Menzies  47.53secs  Gould GR59  08.05.2022


M Sports Racing & Racing Cars up to 1971 inclusive

James Baxter  61.09secs  Cooper  T90 07.05.2023


N Sports Racing & Racing Cars from 1972 to 1985 inclusive

Jonathen Varley  55.35secs  March 772P  10.05.2015


3A Mod Prod Cars (exc Kit/Rep/S-F) up to 1400cc

Neil Turner  62.67secs  Mini Cooper S  06.08.2022


3B Mod Prod Cars (exc Kit/Rep/S-F) 1401 to 2000cc

Sarah Bosworth  59.52secs  Lotus Elise  25.08.2019


3C Mod Prod Cars (exc Kit/Replica/S-F) over 2000cc

Damian Bradley 56.70secs  Subaru Legacy GL  01.07.2023


3F Modified Specialist Cars up to 1700cc

Andrew Griffiths  56.35secs  Caterham 7  02.07.2022


3G Modified Specialist Cars over 1700cc

John Hoyle  56.99secs  Westfield  18.09.2021


4A Sports Libre & Hillclimb Super Sports Cars up to 2000cc

Ed Hollier  54.34 secs  OMS SC1  08.07.2007


4B Sports Libre Cars over 2000cc

Matthew Harrison  52.98secs  SPA 04  02.07.2008


5A Racing Cars up to 1100cc

Alex Summers  51.25secs  DJ Firehawk  07.07.2018


5B Formula Ford 1600 Racing Cars pre-1994

Rob Spedding  59.80secs  Vector TF93K  25.08.2018

Photo Credit: Capture Your Car Photography

A(i) Road Going Series Productions Cars up to 2000cc

David Leach  63.51secs  Lotus Elise S1  02.07.2023


A(ii) Road Going Series Production Cars over 2000cc

Robbie Birrell  62.29secs  Porsche Cayman GTS 02.07.2023

A(iii) Road Going Series Production 4WD

Chris Berrisford  62.02secs  Subaru Impreza  02.07.2023


B Road Going Specialist Production Cars

David Warburton  59.74secs  Caterham 7  03.07.2011


C(i) Modified Series Production Cars up to 1400cc

Gavin Neate  62.54secs  Peugeot 106  02.07.2023


C(ii) Modified Series Production Cars 1401 to 2000cc

Sarah Bosworth  60.04secs  Lotus Elise  02.07.2017


C(iii) Modified Series Production Cars over 2000cc

Damian Bradley  56.37secs  Subaru Legacy GL  02.07.2023


D Modified Specialist Production Cars

Andrew Griffiths  55.98secs  Caterham 600  03.07.2022


F Sports Libre up to 2000cc & Hill Climb Super Sports Cars

Ed Hollier  54.34secs  OMS SC1  08.07.2007


G Sports Libre over 2000cc

Matthew Harrison  52.98secs  SPA 04  02.07.2006


1A Road-going Modified Saloon/Sports Cars up to 1400cc

Mark Teale  65.93secs  Suzuki Swift GTi  06.06.2021


1B Road-going Modified Saloon/Sports Cars 1401 to 2000cc

Adam Riley  62.57secs  Honda S2000  18.09.2021


1C Road-going Mod Saloon/Sports Cars (2WD) over 2000cc

Adam Riley  61.36 secs  Honda S2000  17.09.2023

1D Road-going Mod Saloon/Sports Cars (4WD) over 2000cc

Jonathan Mounsey  59.89secs  Mitsubishi Evo 6  16.09.2018


1F Road-going Mod Saloon/Sports Cars ineligible for 1A-1D

Steven Darley  62.23secs  Subaru Impreza  17.09.2016


2A Road-going Kit/Replica/Space-framed Cars up to 1700cc

Bob Bellerby  60.29secs  Sylva Striker  07.08.2011


2B Road-going Kit/Replica/Space-framed Cars over 1700c

Simon Green  59.08secs  Westfield Duratec  07.08.2011


2D Road-going Specialist Cars  & ineligible for 2A/B/E

Robert Bellerby  60.81secs  Sylva Rio  21.09.2014


2E Road-going Elise & other non-ferrous chassis to 1800cc

Tracey Taylor West  62.51secs  Lotus Elise  19.09.2015

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