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Photo Credit: Capture Your Car Photography

MC1 Motor Cycles Solos up to 500cc

Glyn Poole  55.60secs  Honda CR  12.07.09

MC2 Motor Cycles Solos over 500cc

Tom Short  55.20secs  KTM  15.07.18


MC3 Motor Cycles Sidecars & Trikes

Ian Guy & Jed Pilmour Brady  58.62secs  Mistral Suzuki  16.07.17

MT1 Morgan 3 Wheelers - Racing

Hamish Bibby & Maggie Tuer  64.16secs  Jap 8 80  19.04.15


MT2 Morgan 3 Wheelers - Standard & Touring Modified

Roger Orford & Sally Smith  74.68secs  SS Matchless  31.07.04

Autocar Young Drivers Championship

Hector Stapleton Vauxhall Corsa 

Ladies Record

Debbie Dunbar  46.46secs  DJ Firestorm  04.08.19

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