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MC1 Motor Cycle Solos up to 250cc

Glyn Poole  46.96secs  01.05.11

MC2 Motor Cycle Solos 251 to 350cc

Glyn Poole  46.83secs  04.09.11 

MC3 Motor Cycle Solos 351 to 500cc

Glyn Poole  45.29secs  26.04.09 

MC4 Motor Cycle Solos 501 to 750cc

Martin Robbins  45.05secs  01.05.11 


MC5 Motor Cycle Solos 751 to 1400cc

Ben Wilkins  45.55secs  01.09.12

MC6 Trikes 2WD 

Peter Short 46.97 Suzuki 26.04.97

MC7 Sidecars 1 wheel drive

Ian Guy & Jed Pilmore Brady  Suzuki 48.64secs  24.06.17

Revington TR Register

Hugh Maund  48.89secs  Triumph TR8 V8  2001

TVRCC-A TVR Car Club Speed Championship

Geoff Stallard  49.13secs  TVR Vixen  2013

TVRCC-B TVR Car Club Speed Championship

Paul Edwards  47.44secs  TVR 350R  2009

X Austin Sevens



500 Owners Association over 500cc including FJ Cars

Charles Reynolds  51.46secs  Cooper Mk7 JAP  28.05.17


500 Owners Association under 500cc

Nick Reynolds  51.91secs  28.05.17

Photo Credit: Mike Stark

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