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SM Sports Racing Racing Cars up to 1971 inclusive

Andrew Paterson  50.42secs  September 2017

A1 Road Saloon Cars up to 1400cc

Gary Dickson  52.39secs  Vauxhall Corsa  16.09.2023

A2 Road Saloon Cars 1401 to 2000cc

Sandy Coghill  49.43secs  20.04.13


A3 Road Saloon Cars over 2000cc

Paul Martin  48.12secs  18.04.10 


A4 Road Sports Cars up to 1400cc

John Hamilton  48.28secs  17.04.11 


A5 Road Sports Cars 1401 to 1700cc

Jamie McKenzie  49.68secs  Caterham 7  18.09.22 

A6 Road Sports Cars over 1700cc

Craig Nicol  44.54secs  20.04.13

A8 Marque Road Sports Cars

Graeme Bremner  48.52secs  19.04.09

A9 Scottish MX5 Hillclimb & Sprint Register

Neil Girdwood  51.82secs  18.06.2023

B1 Modified Saloon Cars up to 1400cc

Stuart Wood  50.72secs  Austin Mini 16.09.2023 

B2 Modified Saloon Cars 1401 to 2000cc

Stuart Reid  45.43secs  Peugeot 205  18.09.22


B3 Modified Saloon Cars over 2000cc

Donald McCaskill  45.49secs  16.04.11


B4 Modified Sports Cars up to 1400cc

Andrew Grover  45.58secs  Sylva Riot  17.09.22

B5 Modified Sports Cars 1401 to 1700cc

Stuart Dow 47.24 secs  Caterham Hyabusa  16.09.2023

B6 Modified Sports Cars over 1700cc

Leslie Mutch  43.80secs  20.04.13

C0 Saloon Libre Cars

Scott Beattie  47.69secs  18.04.15


C1 Sports Libre Cars up to 1400cc

Stuart Sugden  44.02secs  13.04.19 


C2 Sports Libre Cars 1401 to 1800cc

John Mackenzie  43.86secs  20.04.13

C3 Sports Libre Cars over 1800cc

David Seaton  43.89secs  Pilbeam MP43  14.04.19


C4 Racing Cars up to 1100cc

Gary Warren  39.35secs  Empire Evo  16.09.2023


C5 Racing Cars 1101 to 1600cc

Stuart Sugden  37.30secs  GWR Raptor  18.09.22 

C6 Racing Cars over 1600cc

Wallace Menzies  37.19secs  17.04.16 


D1 Classic & Thoroughbred Road Cars

Keiron Baillie  49.33 secs secs Lotus Seven  17.06.2023

D2 Classic and Thoroughbred Modified Cars

Gary Dixon  49.25secs  Vauxhall Chevette HSR  18.09.22


D3 Classic & Thoroughbred Competition Cars

George Coghill  45.42secs  Chevron B45  16.04.22

Ladies Record

Nicola Menzies  39.35secs  Gould GR55B  19.06.22


Photo Credit: Eddie Kelly Photography

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